Whitetail Deer Helicopter Surveys

West Texas Whitetail Deer Surveys, Exotic Species Surveys & Wildlife Surveys

Helicopter surveys are commonly used to assess wildlife populations in many areas of Texas.

The goal of Helicopter surveys is to count the total number of whitetail deer on a property. With this data, we break it down into the following categories:

Mature Bucks

Immature Bucks



These results allow us to determine the overall carrying capacity of the ranch. The next step is to implement a long term management plan, harvest plan, and trends from year to year surveys into a logical and realistic goal for the landowner. We can take these numbers and determine the following.

  • Current buck to doe ratio
  • Average daily feed consumption
  • Fawn crop VS predator & weather factors
  • Genetic profile
  • Trophy buck numbers
  • Management buck numbers
  • Need for introduction of more desirable genetics

Our Helicopter Fleet

We can quickly and efficiently fly your ranch with our helicopters. We utilize the R-44 Raven II and the R-66 Turbine. All of our helicopters have four seats and are air conditioned for your comfort.

Texas Parks & Wildlife requires all MLD ranches to conduct surveys each year to determine the progress or regress of the overall quality of your deer herd. Our Helicopter Deer Surveys present a great opportunity to no only photo some of your trophy whitetails, but to also gain the knowledge of the health and population of your herd.

Wildlife Surveys & Exotic Counts

The latest in GPS mapping technology allows us to record our Helicopter Tracks as we fly and survey your ranch.

Using the latest in GPS technology allows us to map your ranch and record our flight track. This data will allow you to compare annual helicopter surveys and look at yearly trends of your wildlife

Contact us today to schedule your whitetail deer helicopter survey. So you can see results like this…

Helicopter Counts are a valuable tool in the management of your game. Management of your exotics or African game is important to maintain your herd.

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